Abstract submission has closed!

Enthusiastic scientists presenting their work on Emerging Microbial Technologies are warmly welcomed at EMT! Presentation format will be 12 minutes presentation followed by 3 minutest questions. We aim to have the conference in person in Delft, however due to the Corona pandemic, the event might be switched to an online environment if needed.

To inspire you, a list of topics we consider well-suited to be presented at EMT can be found here.

  • Novel fermentation processes
  • Microbial waste stream valorization
  • Fundamental characterization for bioprocess optimization
  • Novel redox reactions with industrial application
  • Microbial CO2 fixation technologies
  • Scale-up studies of novel microbial production processes
  • Characterization of complex microbial ecosystems
  • Microbial community engineering for biochemical production
  • High-yield and high-rate microbial platform molecule production

Abstracts should be submitted before February 25th through the abstract submission form below and should not exceed 250 words. The scope and potential applicability of the work should be clearly stated in the abstract. Abstracts will be submitted as plain text using the submission form, submission as Word or PDF document is not required. Abstracts can be submitted for a presentation, a poster or both by indicating the corresponding options in the submission form. Authors will be notified if they are selected for a (poster) presentation early April.

To ensure an interactive and inspiring environment, presenters that submit a 1-minute video abstract alongside the regular abstract will have an increased chance of presenting at EMT

Your abstract will be reviewed by our Scientific Committee:
Michele Laureni (TU Delft)
– Sara Cantera (Wageningen University and Research)
– Martijn Diender (Wageningen University and Research)
– Maxim Allaart (TU Delft)
– Jules Rombouts (TU Delft, Nature’s Principles)